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1. Where and when do you deliver?

We deliver in Ottawa, ON.

We deliver every day, from 9am to 12pm and from 6pm to 9pm.

Also, we offer same day deliveries if you order by 3pm (1pm on Sundays).

2. How much does delivery cost?

Delivery is FREE for any orders not containing alcohol. For liquors, we have to charge a small additional delivery fee of $3.99 as required by law.

4. How do I pay?

You pay online by a credit card or PayPal upon checking out. The payment service is protected according to the latest industry standards.

5. How do I order weighted items like produce and fresh meat?

Produce, such as green onion, is priced by each and other items, such as grape, are priced by weight. Fresh meat is pre-packaged, and is priced by approximate weight shown in the catalog.

5. What happens after I place my order online?

We will send you a confirmation and then we will deliver your order at the date and time you specified upon checking out.

6. Where do my groceries come from?

We go to local supermarkets to buy fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, and dairy. Wholesale warehouses supply us with non-perishable items.

7. Do I need to be there for delivery?

Because we often deliver perishable items, it's a requirement for someone to be at home to meet our courier. If you can't make it, please let us know and we'll re-schedule date and time of delivery.

8. What if I need something that is not in your catalog? Can you get it for me?

Please let us know what products you want to buy. We will try our best to add them to our catalog and will let you know as soon as we do so!

9. What if you cannot find something I ordered?
In case we cannot find the exact item you ordered we will do our best to find a closest substitute. If you won't like a substitute, we will refund it. For instance, if you ordered "Gay Lea" unsalted butter and we couldn't find it, we would substitute it with "Selection" unsalted butter. If you do not want us to substitute a product or products, please let is know by mentioning it in remarks section upon checkout.

10. I don't like what I've got in my order!
You can return any items to our driver. The difference will be promptly refunded to your credit card or PayPal account, no questions asked.

If you find out that something is wrong with your order when a driver has already left, just let us know!

11. Are you licensed to deliver liquor?
We are fully licensed by Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario to deliver all types of Liquor to residential properties.

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